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Black Girl Magic West Michigan is a Facebook page (community) created for Black Queens living in West Michigan by Della Marie Levi. There are over 825 members to date. 


Everyday Della is reminded of who she is, a Black woman. A Black woman who will encounter injustice, discrimination, and disapproval from certain members of society. She leaves the house in full armor daily in order to prepare herself for an unnecessary war with a population of people who try to destroy her. Even though this is her truth, she is unapologetically proud of who she is and Della would not trade being a Black woman for anything. Della is strong, magical, full of purpose and passion, ambitious, and unstoppable and so are all Black women! 

The page (community) was created to be a light. It is a safe space for Black women living in West Michigan to discuss trials and triumphs, provide affirmation, share resources and information, discuss their endeavors and upcoming events, post job and volunteer opportunities, etc.  It is a sisterhood of support.

Lastly, she stands on a platform of collaboration and connection and the page (community) was not created to compete with or take the place of any other social media groups or pages that provide resources and support to our population. She is a member of and supports and appreciates many of the things that those groups offer to our community. The page (community) was created out of her personal desire to live, breathe, exist, and walk in her purpose. 

To join Black Girl Magic West Michigan, please click on the image on this page.

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